Back - Wolfgang Bach, Susan Plumb Bach

Front - Barbara Kubli, Hank Kubli


August 18, 2018 at Bousquet's


Peter Nykorchuck, Frederick Moretti

​Maryellen Garvey. David Glodt

Mary Jane Ryba Sackett, Leonice Murano Quinlan

Left - Barbara Plouffe Landry, Paul Durwin, Cookie Levinson

Right - Carol Travers Hoyda, Damien Mierzjewski Brooks

​Rear, from right - Ginger Camerlengo, Mary Leoncin. Rosemary Crawford, ?

Mike McCarthy, ?, Bernie English, Paul Chase

Don Duquette. Pat Ahern, Mike Cook, Bob Daverin, Cliff Nilan

​Amazing centerpieces thanks to Carol Travers Hoyda

Carol Travers Hoyda, Linda DeGeorgis Abderhalen

Darien Mierzjewski Brooks, Ellen Richardson

Phil Rossi, Pat Forfa Rossi

Many thanks to Cindy LaBrode and anyone else who contributed to these photos 

Bob and Cindy LaBrode

​Barbara Benjamin Mozzi and Gino Mozzi

​Pittsfield High School

Class of 1966

Pat Forfa Rossi, Leonice Murano Quinlan

Milton Overlock

Bob LaBrode, Mike McCarthy